Carbide cutting edge 6 mm

SKU: AT45185M
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For cutting 3/4" thick material in a single pass
Up to 800 inches per minute

Use a three flute bit where an excellent finish is essential. Three flutes balance the bit, eliminating vibrations that degrade the cut finish. Three cuts per revolution provide a smooth surface and increased feed rates. The 45185-M features a solid carbide cutting edge.

Excellent for nesting and grooving at an extremely fast feed rate, increasing cost savings. The 6mm cutting diameter CNC nesting bit with solid carbide cutting edges is brazed into a 12mm steel shank. The unique design contributes to superb performance and excellent cutting results. Designed primarily for high speed CNC production.

Up to 800 IPM feed speed at 18,000 RPM for cutting laminated particle board. The rate may change depending on the material and type of CNC machine.

- Three flutes improving surface finish
- Only 6mm diameter represents minimal waste of materials
- Fine micrograin of extra hard and durable carbide promoting a long life of the tool before resharpening

Excellent for cutting:
- Laminated particleboard, MDF and melamine: feed rate up to 800 IPM** at 18,000 rpm***
- Plywood: Feed rate up to 500 IPM** at 18,000 rpm***

Product # AT45185M
Stem diameter: 12 mm
Drilling diameter: 6 mm
Overall length: 77 mm
Length of the cut; 21mm
Material: Carbide

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