Single aluminum rail TYPE 711

SKU: 189A711210
56,55 $
Anodized silver
TYPE 711 aluminum single track is for SCORRI FLAT cabinet, wardrobe and closet door sliding system, surface mounted on top of cabinet or door opening. Can be installed alongside a TYPE 710 aluminum double track for triple bypass door applications.

- Available in anodized silver
- Two different sizes of 2 m (78 in) and 3 m (118 in) in length
- Can be cut to fit application.

IMPORTANT: Use metric dimensions for greater accuracy during installation.

1 Track
- Take the time to read the installation manual in its entirety before proceeding with the installation.
- Use metric dimensions for greater accuracy during installation
- Wear safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes and hearing protection
- Each fastener used to secure the track to the wall must be securely fastened into a structural surface.
- Always remove debris, dust or residue (sawdust or aluminum) from all rails and guides with a dry cloth before installing the bearing mechanism
- Never spray lubricant on this product
- Do not exceed the limits and parameters indicated, as there may be premature wear and performance failure, and this will void the warranty.

Load capacity: 110 lbs
Free height: 35 mm
Total height: 27.5 mm
Width: 20mm

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