Cordless Delta Sander Kit

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Freedom of sanding
Effortlessly switch from wired to wireless without compromising performance. Featuring a unique ergonomic battery for optimal performance and maneuverability, the DTSC 400 sander offers the same features as its corded counterpart, but with hybrid power options: use it cordless or corded. The 18-volt Ergo battery provides up to 30 minutes of runtime at full power. The built-in, removable guard protects adjacent surfaces as well as the pad for close-quarters sanding applications.

Hybrid power source: wired or wireless operation
Ergo pile for balance and ergonomics
Highly efficient dust extraction for cleaner surfaces and working environment
Recharge in 30 minutes for an 18 volt and 3 Ah battery (with TCL 6 charger)
A protective guard protects the pad and adjacent surfaces from damage.

Practical and safe:
Work ergonomically and effortlessly without cables and in all areas of application thanks to the 18 V battery and the compact design.

Get optimal results faster:
The powerful 18V battery combined with the EC-TEC brushless motor ensures constant, uninterrupted sanding, similar to that of a mains-powered tool.

The systems take care of this:
The plug-in power adapter (included in the set and offered as an accessory) allows full flexibility in combination with Festool mobile vacuum cleaners.

Product #FS577514
Tool type: Cordless
Brand: Festool

- ACA 18V ERGO power adapter
- Two BP 18 Li 3.0 ERGO-l batteries
- Chip collection bag
- Protector
- TCL 6 fast charger
- StickFix soft sanding pad, 100 x 150
- Systainer SYS-COMBI 2

- Cable-free sanding where there is no electrical connection or where power is difficult to access (e.g. outdoors, on scaffolding).
- Mobile work when the power cable and vacuum hose significantly interfere with the application (e.g. for vertical surfaces, overhead sanding, edge rendering, etc.).
- Ideal product for vertical surfaces or work at height
- One-handed sander for small, narrow surfaces
- Sanding paint and varnish on window frames, door frames and eaves
- Use it with the plug-in power adapter as a sander with unlimited operating time in continuous electric operation, ideal for indoor use in combination with a Festool mobile vacuum cleaner.

Battery voltage: 18 V
Battery capacity: 3 Ah
Engine idle speed: 6000 to 10000 rpm
Shipping weight with accessories: 15.87 lb (7.2 kg)
Drive type: battery
Width of interchangeable sanding pad: 4 in (100 mm)
Weight: 2.20 lb (1 kg)
Length of interchangeable sanding pad: 6 in (150 mm)
Dust extraction fitting diameter: 1 1/16 in (27 mm)
Sanding Stroke: 5/64 in (2 mm)

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