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The combination of the Bluetooth® module on the CT vacuum cleaner and the remote control on the suction hose avoids moving to the extractor. Simply start extracting dust from the pipe using the remote control. Ideal for small, occasional cleaning tasks, simply switch to cleaning mode, even when the CT Dust Extractor is in AUTO mode. The CT vacuum's Bluetooth® module communicates with Festool Bluetooth® batteries in addition to the new remote control. These batteries ensure that even a cordless tool automatically starts the CT dust extractor when turned on. This now allows you to benefit from Festool's entire dust-free system when working with Festool cordless products.

- Ideal for occasional cleaning tasks without having to change the CT dust extractor from AUTO to MAN mode.
- Start your CT vacuum cleaner using the remote control directly on the suction hose.
- Mounting kit for CT 26, 36 and 48
- Module to be installed in the module slot (to be carried out by a qualified electrician)
- Remote control using the remote control (included in the set) or using a cordless tool (in combination with a Bluetooth® battery)

Allows automatic start of the mobile vacuum cleaner when the cordless tool is turned on. A compatible Bluetooth battery required, as well as a power tool with Bluetooth® functionality.
The remote control allows you to turn on the CT vacuum cleaner directly from the suction hose (simple switch to cleaning mode, even when the CT vacuum cleaner is in AUTO mode).
The Bluetooth(R) module communicates with Festool Bluetooth(R) batteries. The CT vacuum starts automatically when the cordless tool is turned on.

Product # FS202097
Brand: Festool

Receiving module (for CT 26, 36 and 48)

Technology: Bluetooth®
Range: 32-9 19/32 ft (10 m)

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