Single lever operator

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series 10
The famous, efficient and smooth-running Truth Lever operators open and close awning windows quickly and easily. Truth Lever's Series 10 operators allow you to keep a window open in five different positions. A simple mechanism makes it easy for the operator to disengage from the chassis for quick removal. A 180° movement handle opens and closes the frame. Smooth cam operation ensures tightness and easy adjustment of the chassis. A double lever model or one equipped with a fixing bar gives more stability to a wider sash when opened, and improves the closing of the corners of the window when the window is closed. Truth has also designed a particular model that has a removable plate. The advantage of this feature is that it allows manufacturers of vinyl or metal windows, who do not use this type of removable sill cover in the manufacture of their window, to quickly and easily install this operator. Truth recommends using two sash locks for added security and increased weather resistance.

Corrosion protection
Truth's E-Gard® Hardware has several coatings installed using a specific process that produces a superior aesthetic and physical finish. It is further resistant to a range of corrosive products, including industrial cleaning materials and environmental pollutants. This patented process has been tested and found to be nearly three times preferable to traditional zinc plated finish.

Product #TH101032211
Category: Window operators
Type: Awning window
Brand: AmesburyTruth
Mounting: Threshold
Series: 10
Operator type: Single lever
Material: Cast zinc, Steel

Arm Length: 20 1/2"
Entry distance: 7/8 in.
Approximate sash opening: 15 1/2"
Finish: White
Side: Standard
Treatment: E-Gard Plus

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