Flex Gel-Lock™ Shower Soap Dish

SKU: 1021301-660
8,99 $

PATENTED GEL-LOCK™ TECHNOLOGY: Our patented Gel-Lock™ technology allows you to lock the suction cups in place, activating a vacuum seal for extreme, long-lasting hold. Simply unscrew the suction cup, remove the protective film from the suction cup, moisten it, place it firmly in the desired location and screw the rear cap back through the soap dish. By tightening the seal, an air vacuum is created between the suction cup and the wall and it is held in place extremely effectively. For best results, use a non-porous surface like glass, tile, or fiberglass to lay this double hook in your shower. The suction cups keep the soap dish upright. Perfect for showers where you can't hang a shower caddy over the showerhead.

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