PWR DRIVE CST - Structural screw for general construction

Screw size
24,15 $

Ideal for edge joists
The PWR DRIVE CST screw is made from hardened steel to provide added strength, unmatched torque and super shear strength, something a regular lag screw simply cannot offer. This gives the immediate advantage of not having to pre-drill, which represents a considerable time saving on a construction site. The sharp threads and point bite quickly, Type 17 reduces wood splitting and the release thread, called Type U thread, reduces friction on the screw shank, minimizing the required driving torque and increasing by significantly improve the life of your tool batteries. The PWR DRIVE CST has a wide flat head with ribs and cutting serrations underneath for easy milling and an incomparably clean finish in wood. This screw also features a T-40 firm grip engagement, which not only provides exceptional torque force, but also allows the CST to stick to the tip of your tool, which is a definite advantage when you work in more difficult positions.

It is also important to mention that the PWR DRIVE CST is part of the ICC / ESR-4558 evaluation, which certifies it fully compliant with the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC), both for structural properties as for corrosion resistance. This is why all CSTs have head markings to facilitate site inspections.

For all these reasons, the PWR DRIVE CST screw is an excellent replacement for lag screws and is the screw of choice for structural applications.

- New T-40 firm grip engagement
- Self-tapping thread, without pre-drilling and type 17 tip
- Extra-large flat head with ribs and CUTTING JOINTS for unrivaled finish and adjustment
- U-shaped thread reduces friction on the tail and improves the performance of your tool batteries
- GOLD ACQ finish, perfect for pressure treated wood
- Super strong, easy to use and good execution speed

Standards and certifications: ICC ES: ESR-4558
Finishes: Anti-corrosion ACQ
Specific application: Structural assembly
Function: General construction structural screw
Steel gauge: Hardened
Head Type: Oversized Flat Head
Bit required: T-40
Bit size required: T-40
Thread type: Large thread and type 17
Tip type: Type 17
Thread: 2/3 threaded screw
Types of wood: Lumber, Treated wood

The T25 or T40 bit is supplied in all packages.

Ideal for:
- terrace structures,
- assembly of raw wood pieces,
- posts, frames,
- assembly of beams,
- landscaping work,
- and more !

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