HAWA PORTA HM sliding system

Detailed door movement
Charge capacity
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Low profile top rail
The HAWA PORTA HM is a low profile sliding system designed for wooden doors weighing up to 60 kg or 100 kg each.

- The suspension plate can be recessed or mortised into the top of the door.
- Low profile top rail can be surface mounted or recessed.
- Stopper integrated into the rail and adjustable retention device to prevent the door from bouncing.
- Variety of rails to choose from for different types of configurations for straight sliding, bypass and telescopic
- HM series for single, double, triple ceiling mounting
- Quality ball bearing carriage for smooth and quiet sliding
- Automatic soft-close mechanisms sold separately
- The soft closing can be installed or removed once the rail is installed.
- Telescopic operation possible for up to three doors with stacking kit without bottom guide rail, sold separately

The HAWA PORTA HM is an ideal solution for high-end commercial and residential projects, single door openings, room dividers and low headroom applications.

IMPORTANT: Uses metric dimensions for greater accuracy during installation. Cut a 12mm x 16mm groove at the bottom of the door for a floor guide. For door widths greater than 1.2m, we suggest a bottom guide rail.

- Minimum installation height
- Recessed or surface mounting of rails
- One, two and three rail sliding solutions
- Adjustable rail stopper
- The soft close can be installed or removed once the rail is installed.

Door material: Wood
Door movement: Sliding
Rail mounting: Ceiling mounting
Door positioning: Inside the frame
Bearing type: Ball
Bearing position: Upper
Brand: Hawa
Manufacturing material: Aluminum
Finish: Satin aluminum
Soft closing system: Unidirectional operation
In demonstration: Montreal
Groove depth: 16 mm
Drilling depth: 23 mm
Lower guide: Yes
Drilling: 18 mm
Door Installation: Top hung
Groove width at the bottom of the door: 12 mm
Model brand: Hawa Porta

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